Carol Aslin

Carol Aslin


Carol is happy to take commissions in paintings, etchings and monoprints. Please feel free to contact her by e mail to discus.  

Below are a few of the commissions she has been given over the years.  

Bee Eaters 165cm x 50cm - sold

Wild Dogs in lower Zambezi (oil on canvas) 130cm x 55cm - sold

Gallinule (monoprint) 50cm x 50cm - sold

Flowers 1 (oil on canvas) 130cm x 90cm - sold

Flowers 2 (oil on canvas) 130cm x 130cm - sold

Ground Hornbill (monoprint) 60cm x 40cm - sold

Into the Light (oil on canvas) 110cm x 65cm - sold

Horse (oil on canvas) 120cm x 90cm - sold

No bodies Business (oil on canvas) 80cm x 130cm - sold

Paris Flower Shop- sold

Wild Dogs (oil on canvas) 130cm x 75cm - sold

Loyal Friends (oil on canvas) 110cm x 110cm - sold

Flowers 100cm x 100cm - sold

Space Travel (oil on canvas) 130cm x 80cm - sold

Ancestors (monoprint) 30cm x 40cm - sold

Kasanka Bats (monoprint) 30cm x 20cm - sold

Joy Dancer (monoprint) 30cm x 40cm - sold

Loyal Friends (monoprint - etching inks on water colour paper with collage) 25cm x 40cm - sold

Wader (monoprint) 60cm x 40cm - sold

Rue Du Chat qui pesch (monoprint) 40cm x 60cm - sold

Zambian Flag (monoprint) 50cm x 50cm - sold

Painting Angel (clay with paint brushes) 60cm - sold