Carol Aslin

Carol Aslin


If you would like to commission Carol, please contact her on:

Below are a few of the commissions she has been given over the years.  


BEE EATERS 165cm x 50cm - sold

WILD DOGS IN LOWER ZAMBEZI (oil on canvas) 130cm x 55cm - sold

GALLINULE (monoprint) 50cm x 50cm - sold

THE CUP OF LIFE (oil and mixed media on canvas) 60cm x 70cm - sold

FLOWERS 2 (oil on canvas) 130cm x 130cm - sold

BANKSY TO THE RESCUE (Oil on Aluminium) 60cm x 75cm - sold

GROUND HORNBILL (monoprint) 60cm x 40cm - sold

INTO THE LIGHT (oil on canvas) 110cm x 65cm - sold

HORSE (oil on canvas) 120cm x 90cm - sold

NO BODIES BUSINESS (oil on canvas) 80cm x 130cm - sold


WILD DOGS (oil on canvas) 130cm x 75cm - sold

LOYAL FRIENDS (oil on canvas) 110cm x 110cm - sold

FLOWERS 100cm x 100cm - sold

SPACE TRAVEL (oil on canvas) 130cm x 80cm - sold

ANCESTORS (monoprint) 30cm x 40cm - sold

KASANKA BATS (monoprint) 30cm x 20cm - sold

JOY DANCER (monoprint) 30cm x 40cm - sold

LOYAL FRIENDS (monoprint - etching inks on water colour paper with collage) 25cm x 40cm - sold

WADER (monoprint) 60cm x 40cm - sold

RUE DU CHAT QUI PESCH (monoprint) 40cm x 60cm - sold

ZAMBIAN FLAG (monoprint) 50cm x 50cm - sold

ON TOP OF THE WORLD (oil on canvas) 50cm x 60cm - sold