Carol Aslin


Carol paints on canvas usually using oils however, recently she has started using acrylic. At times she uses mixed media to build up texture or adds collage or metal leaf to get the required end finish.

On top of the World 100cm x 100cm - sold

Collecting Memories 86cm x 110cm - sold

Coming Home 100cm x 100cm - sold

Loyal Friends 110cm x 110cm - sold

Pink Jacarandas 255cm x 55cm - sold

Elephant and Pangolin 150cm x 130cm

One Fine Balance 60cm x 80cm - sold

Immortal Steed 60cm x 80cm - sold

Sea Scape 150cm x 110cm - sold

Bee Eaters 170cm x 50cm - sold

Sea Scape 130cm x 50cm

Busanga Plains 110cm x 45cm - sold

Busanga Plains 110cm x 45cm - sold

Two Mile Reef 100cm x 40cm - sold

Nick in Blue 100cm x 100cm - sold

Jubilee 80cm x 110cm - sold

On Top Of The World 50cm x 60cm - sold

The Cup Of Life 60cm x 70cm - sold