Carol Aslin

About the Artist

Carol grew up in Zambia and moved to London and later New York. She was a student at The Art Students League in New York for 2 years where she did figurative drawing and lithography. She also studied interior design at Parsons School of Design. 

After 5 years in New York she returned to London where she worked in Old Master Paintings in Piccadilly for two years and then started her own company in decorative painting and Interior design. 

In 1998 she moved back to Zambia where she was able to paint full time, for 4 years she lived in the bush, in Luangwa Valley, which is where her inspiration for wild life comes from.

Later on Carol became interested in the printing process and studied at Artichoke studios in London, she also spent time at Heatherley’s Art College in Chelsea.

“I experiment with many different techniques, from oil or acrylic on canvas, to etchings and monoprints, I have a beautiful etching press I had made out of old tractor bits and it works perfectly. I love working in mixed media using collage and stencils to loosen myself up.

Lately, I have been working with resin on aluminum. When resin is poured it’s like alchemy, working with a heat gun and never sure how it’s going to turn out, it never fails to fascinate me as beautiful effects work their way through.” 

Carol has been painting for 23 years and has been involved in 25 exhibitions to date. Her paintings are now all over the world and are in various private Collections.

In 2016 she enrolled SACAP and did a three-year counselling and communications diploma. She has worked in Lusaka in this field for the last 2.5 years and balances her painting and counselling work.


Painting, to me, is a metaphor for life. We start with a white, blank canvas and slowly we make our marks, there are all kinds of detours, mistakes, successes, wipe outs and some short cuts. I have learnt that when it all goes horribly wrong that is when we determinedly persevere with brows knitted and heart racing, to push through the problem and somehow, something magic seems to take place, almost outside of our control a sort of metamorphoses.

Her Exhibitions include:

  • 2000 - Dorp Street Gallery, Cape Town

  • 2003 - Musikili School, Lusaka

  • 2003 - Diane Bouchard Gallery Arcades Lusaka

  • 2004 - Musikili School, Lusaka

  • 2005 - Ababa House, Lusaka
    Musikilli School, Lusaka

  • 2007 - Musikilli School, Lusaka

  • 2008 - Solo Exhibition Alliance Francaise Lusaka
    Musikilli School, Lusaka 

  • 2009 - Solo Exhibition Alliance Francaise Lusaka

  • 2010 - Joint Printmaking Exhibition at Alliance Francaise Lusaka
    Musikilli School, Lusaka
    Ababa House Miniature Christmas Exhibition
    Shortlisted for David Shepherd Wildlife Exhibition Lusaka

  • 2011 - Etching Exhibition Alliance Francaise Lusaka

  • 2012 - Solo Exhibition Alliance Francaise Lusaka

  • 2014 - Joint Exhibition at Chelsea Arts Club, London"Things that Breath”
    "Split Dimension" Solo Exhibition 37 M Middleway, Lusaka

  • 2015-2019 Studied psychology at SACAP while taking commissions

  • 2017 - Lower Zambezi Conservation Joint Exhibition

  • 2018 - 11 - 14th October at 37M Middleway, Lusaka

  • 2019 - Group exhibition  at African Inspirations Lusaka

  • 2020 - “A Joint Exhibition” Latitude 

  • 2021 - “A Joint Exhibition” Latitude 15 with Emily Thornton and Francois d’Elbee 

  • 2022 - A group Exhibition “Art a la Nature” at Art in the Yard, Franshoek, Cape Town South Africa